FVM launches new brand for Entegra

October 26, 2021

FVM is proud to announce the launch of a refreshed brand for Entegra, a division of Sodexo.

With over $24 billion in purchasing power, Entegra is the world’s largest food group purchasing organization, and the new brand reflects the company’s evolution from GPO to strategic business partner.

FVM’s work for Entegra represents a deep strategic partnership and multiple major deliverables, requiring the integrated expertise of the entire FVM team:

    • Strategic consultation and competitive discovery
    • Positioning and messaging framework construction
    • Graphic identity, logo creation, and visual ID elements
    • Full website architecture, planning, and project management
    • Full website copywriting and page design
    • Internal and external launch materials, comms, and kits
    • Much, much more.

Over 18 months and throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, we’ve worked closely with marketing and executive leaders at Entegra to realize a bold new direction for their company — one centered on not just purchasing savings, but also consultative services, CSR leadership, and a new suite of digital tools.

Working from the ground up, FVM helped create a brand that captures their new value prop across more than half a dozen key industry segments, crystalizing powerful language and exciting imagery that reflects what the new Entegra can deliver.

The result is a brand built on optimism, energy, certainty, and drive — all brought to life in a new website, a digital campaign for lead-gen, and materials for sales support and marketing enablement.

Visit the new Entegra website to learn more about the company, or read their rebrand press release for more details about this exciting project.