The “forgotten few”: 3 key elements to video marketing ROI

Good design and great stories are a must when it comes to video production, but videos cost a lot to produce and can’t just be made as a luxury – they should also focus on key elements that drive ROI. I call these elements ‘The Forgotten Few’, and it’s surprising how many marketing videos are without them.

My “Forgotten Few” are:

  1. Call-to-Action
  2. SEO
  3. Localization/translation

1. Call-to-Action

“That’s a wrap and…fade to logo and now fade to black.”

No! That’s not a wrap. Do NOT just fade to logo to black. You should always have a call to action. This is a traffic and lead-generating tactic that is so often forgotten. This guy just made it through your video, he’s interested, and unfortunately for him, he didn’t find the video on your site, but rather on YouTube. You faded to black and now he’s slipping from your grasp and into the hands of the competition.

CTA possibilities don’t stop there. Pop-ups or references can be included throughout the video. This tactic is especially important if you’re producing a product demo or other type of content for a low-funnel prospect. They’re probably going to be trigger-happy, clicking through various content, so offer them every opportunity to delve deeper through a clear CTA as soon as possible.

Never bank on them making it all the way through the video, because it’s unlikely. And a strong strategy would include at least three ways for the buyer to reach you: visit the homepage, contact a rep, tweet us, for example.

2. SEO

SEO is a monster in today’s marketing world. There’s a lot to it, but with video, here’s one simple thing you can do to help your prospect find the content. Embed the video’s transcript in the meta-data OR launch a blog post to support the video (it’s important not to do both, because Google doesn’t like that!). Suddenly, your video is searchable, and maybe it’s a blog that’s worth not only viewing, but also sharing.

3. Localization

This final element speaks primarily to global marketers, but is an excellent way for anyone to grow exposure of video content in regions that your analytics tell you have potential. Translate and provide sub-text for your video as you market in international theaters. But also take the time to apply localized voiceovers and edit some graphics so they are region-specific. You don’t need to produce 12 different videos for 12 different cultures, but taking those extra steps to tailor a current video for a specific region will make an impact.


It’s one thing to produce “good stuff,” but it’s another to create a true asset, equal in beauty and effectiveness. Yes, there are many variables in video marketing: types, styles, formats, budgets, audiences and more. But the “Forgotten Few” should be considered in all cases to keep the conversation flowing, carry the message further, improve ROI, and give the video a reason for being.