Say hi to the next era of FVM

January 21, 2022

For 35 years, FVM has helped clients solve B2B brand challenges and refine considered purchase sales cycles. In that time, founders Paul Fleming and Laurie Van Metre built an agency culture where inquisitive minds and a passion for pointed creative forged concepts that grab attention, turn heads, and change minds.

Today, we’re kicking off the next era of FVM with a major announcement: Karen Murphy and Coleman Rigg — previously VP and Director of Client Services, respectively — are now co-owners of FVM.

Karen serves as President and Managing Partner; Coleman serves in his role as EVP, Client Services and Managing Partner.

A legacy that lights the way forward

While Paul and Laurie stay with us as advisors, they’ve entrusted their company and brand to two leaders who have guided FVM through demanding projects, major shakeups, and an unprecedented workplace environment shift. Bolstered by their EVPs — Helen Smith, Business Manager, and Jonathan Tran, Creative Director — FVM’s management is primed for agility, responsiveness, and growth.

It’s about saying “yes”

As owners of FVM, Karen and Coleman have reflected on the spirit of FVM as a proven B2B agency partner, and how they’re going to build out the agency that has shaped both of their professional careers.

“I’m here because I’ve always believed in what FVM does. We both have,” said Karen about the announcement. “We love what we do, and what our work means for clients. Our focus is on smart results.”

“That’s right,” commented Coleman. “This ownership means [we] believe in the future of FVM, because we’re going to build it. And the team we’ve cultivated here, across all our capabilities, will make that possible.”

Consider the door open

The veteran leadership team of FVM is ready for whatever comes this way. Reach out with your company’s marketing needs, and we’ll show you exactly how to start moving the needle.