Branding an IT services business in transition

IT Services

The challenge

When we sat down to discuss Arraya’s website, it became clear the brand wasn’t ready to put its roots down online just yet. Their business was pivoting from IT reseller to service provider, offering expertise in solving data center and network challenges.

So FVM hit pause. Before a website, we needed to ensure Arraya’s brand position was clearly aligned to its business goals and its future direction.

Our solution

To achieve a truly authentic brand, the discovery process had to involve voices from every level of the company — from leadership all the way to sales. With their buy-in, we’d have an informed strategy while creating brand advocates to get behind the new mission and propel the business forward.

With a strong new brand in hand, we devised a copy strategy to tell Arraya’s story in a meaningful way across a website and beyond. That story, together with a refreshed visual identity including logo, colors and type treatments, enabled us to bring Arraya to life with a more personal, yet modern look and feel to match their new brand position.

Arraya website

Oh and about that website Arraya originally asked for? We delivered a complete, focused with an optimized user experience focusing on the company’s active bloggers and thought-leaders. This positioned Arraya as not just a reseller, but as a leader in technology and business solutions.

Arraya website screen closeup

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