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Retirement Planning & Administration
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Prime Pensions, a retirement planning services provider headquartered in Florham Park, NJ, had recently scaled in partnership with Mill Point Capital. With three new locations in Oregon, Washington, and California, Prime Pensions needed to elevate its messaging and digital presence to unite its combined brands under one roof.

The challenge

Prime Pension’s existing website had not been significantly updated for 10+ years. It had never had a strong visual identity, and storytelling, while accurate, was no longer aligned to the company’s goals. Furthering issues, the backend was difficult to use, requiring the client’s team to seek outside resources for even minor content edits.

With rapid expansion and eyes set on continued growth, Prime Pensions needed to capture its breadth of coast-to-coast locations and support, as well as credential its deep experience and expertise in retirement planning and administration.

Our solution

The client knew they needed to evolve visuals and messaging, but didn’t have the time or budget for a full rebranding. So FVM’s strategists incorporated new phases into our website copy and design process to capture the company’s key differentiators and determine what a modern Prime Pensions needed to look like.

This included discussions and questionnaires with key stakeholders close to the firm, along with digital competitive research — all providing insights that allowed FVM to authentically position Prime Pensions and make it stand out against bland actuarial firm competitors.

Prime Pensions Website Mockup

Working efficiently, FVM quickly delivered:

  • A new user-friendly WordPress website that elevated the Prime Pensions brand and its status as the parent company of new subsidiaries
  • Smarter UX and responsive web design (desktop, tablet, mobile) to give visitors a faster, more intuitive experience on any device
  • Updated brand messaging and positioning that brought Prime Pension’s culture of superior service and experience to the forefront, while consolidating material that was no longer critical
  • A modernized graphic identity that respected the company’s long history. In particular, we applied russet and mint colors to simultaneously ground and energize the website experience
  • CMS training videos to help client staff handle content updates independently
Collage of Deliverables


The new Prime Pensions website brings the company’s look, feel, story, and experience into the modern day — while simplifying site usage for visitors and company staff alike. With standout visuals and a story that speaks to the bright future of its family of brands, Prime Pensions is well positioned to continue its growth journey.

Prime Pensions Website - Mobile

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