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Located in the heart of Philadelphia’s Center City, Roman Catholic High School has been a bedrock of Catholic education for young men since 1890. Facing competition from other all-boys private Catholic schools, the Roman team wanted more prospective families to experience the school by attending key admissions events.

Roman Catholic High School banners in center Philadelphia
Roman Catholic High School hall

The challenge

With a series of important fall events on the horizon, the team contacted FVM for help elevating the brand, spreading awareness, and driving registrations. The goal: Engage the parents of male students, grades 6 to 8, in Roman’s 92 target zip codes — showcasing the school’s strengths, and encouraging families to sign up.

Our solution

FVM designed an advertising strategy including targeted email list rentals, follow-up remarketing display banner ads, and targeted Facebook Ads speaking directly to decision-making parents. We also created an impactful landing page highlighting the school’s unique strengths, paired with background and registration information for each event.

To differentiate the school from the competition, FVM highlighted the confidence of Roman graduates entering college. We bolstered the message by showcasing the school’s history, academic programs, unique city location, and athletic and student activity offerings — all backed by quotes from real Roman parents and alumni.

Open house landing page
Facebook Carousel


In its first year, the campaign drove 79,000 impressions and 213 visits to the admissions event landing page — increasing registrations and attendance over previous years, and reaching more prospective families than ever before.

Following the first year’s success, we continued the campaign for two more years, getting an additional 766,000 impressions and just under 5,000 visits to the admissions event landing pages. Each year, we refreshed the creative message with new statistics, quotes, and key points, continually increasing registrations and attendance to Roman’s admissions events.

This cost-effective but powerful campaign ensured Roman’s message reached prospective families at key points in the admissions cycle, supporting the Roman team’s strategic goals.

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