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The tech startup Proscia is at the forefront of digital pathology — its members have seen the future and have built the software product to get there. FVM has been with them since the beginning, helping the company to navigate the challenges of managing an evolving brand, a rapidly advancing technology, and an ever-growing story.

In 2015, Proscia was a hungry startup with a vision to help cure cancer, an exciting product, and an eagerness to gain investors. FVM helped bring them to market with brand positioning, visual identity, and web design. However, the nature of the tech startup space — continuous product innovation, shifting audience needs, and increased competition — meant accelerated timelines and an almost constant need to evolve the brand.

So after two years of selling, learning, and rapid tech advancement, the time came to completely update the Proscia story.


FVM began by analyzing the business’s internal changes and exploring larger market trends. What became clear was that the existing messaging was weighted too heavily on Proscia’s product and sales position. Yes, the everyday benefits of storing, analyzing, and collaborating over biopsy slides were still important, but we needed to expand the scope with a bigger, more compelling story — a vision of the future and Proscia’s place in it.

We developed a new end-to-end narrative that introduced important context around the history of pathology, explained how tissue intelligence technology would leverage data to advance medicine, and created a clear vision of the goal towards which Proscia was working.


Central to the story was the idea that Proscia was building the lab of tomorrow — a revolutionary software platform that would unleash the true power of big data. It would allow pathologists to instantly manage, share, and analyze information on a global scale. On top of that, Proscia’s AI-based technology was nearly fully realized, with the ability to identify patterns not visible under a single microscope — moving medicine beyond human capabilities.

The story was important to all audiences: data partners, investors, educators, academic researchers, pathology labs, and pharma companies.


Our solution

We created fresh audience-specific messaging and developed a new digital strategy to intelligently reintroduce the brand and its product across a redesigned The site allows users to move intuitively through the Proscia narrative — from the people behind the technology, to the progress of digital pathology, and finally to the product itself.

The refreshed visual identity further differentiates Proscia in what had quickly become a crowded space. We selected imagery that evokes the immense depth and scale of the data the company handles. The photography directly references the image analysis component of the platform, celebrates the role of the pathologist, and humanizes the data-driven fight against cancer.

The color palette was refined to carry a greater sense of Proscia’s optimistic spirit: a brighter yellow, a richer set of blues, and the use of purple as a subtle twist on the pinks traditionally used in the pathology market. The typographic approach supports the brand’s more confident, more assured tone of voice with bold, high-impact headlines balanced by a warmer, friendlier feel within body copy.




W3 Awards 2017 ~ Website Features: Best Copywriting 

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