Developing internal culture, while launching an external brand

March 8, 2017

We’ve enjoyed a great relationship with the Archdiocese of Philadelphia and the Office of Catholic Education for over a decade now — supporting them in the important work they do for the schools, students, and parents across our awesome city and suburbs.

The most exciting initiative during this time started in 2015 and continues today; creating the new Archdiocese of Philadelphia Schools (AOPS) brand and building it out through a new website, outbound, and inbound marketing.


It’s been a journey of transformation designed to unify our special education, elementary, and secondary schools and advance Catholic education in the area. It began with an internal culture reboot led by The Pacific Institute and evolved into an external brand overhaul with FVM. And it’s showing real results for the Arch today.

Here, we share an article on the initiative written by Nick Regina, AOPS Deputy Secretary, Enrollment Management, published in the latest issue of National Catholic Educational Association’s (NCEA) magazine, Momentum.

A Lesson Plan for Developing Internal Culture While Launching an External Brand


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