FVM selected by Catholic Social Services to give its vision a voice

July 1, 2020

Catholic Social Services (CSS) of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia provides charitable, community-based and residential programs that support men, women, and children in need throughout the region. While the breadth and depth of services offered by CSS are beyond impressive, their work must be represented clearly and consistently for all their audiences. FVM has been asked to create messaging for these numerous service areas, addressing each of their unique audiences and the communications challenges they represent.

At the center of a new brand and marketing foundation, the FVM team will build a critical messaging framework that informs all future communications sponsored by CSS.

“This is what we are built for,” said FVM CEO, Paul Fleming. “Solving messaging challenges on multiple fronts. And we get to do if for an organization whose beneficiaries include the oppressed, homeless, and disadvantaged people in our community.”