Pioneer Transformers taps FVM

January 31, 2020

Pioneer Transformers LTD is a 100 year-old company with a strong electrical industry presence, superior products and a commitment to responsive, agile customer service. Through a series of strategic acquisitions (PowerPartners and Jefferson Electric/BEMAG), Pioneer has now evolved into one of the largest transformer companies in the industry.

Committed to integrating its growing portfolio of legacy products under an umbrella company, Pioneer has chosen FVM as its strategic partner to deliver critical positioning as a dominant player in the transformer space.

That brand positioning will be reflected in a new name, logo, graphic identity, key messaging and digital strategy.

“After three decades of helping clients solve unique marketing challenges, it still makes me proud when a company like Pioneer entrusts FVM with the architecture of a new brand that will help them compete broadly, scale more quickly, and meet the expectations of their customers,” said Paul Fleming, FVM’s CEO.

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