Plan for video success

Creating effective video content requires a lot of planning. It may sound obvious, but planning can be the make or break of a marcom strategy using video assets.

Here are some ways to plan for a successful video:

1. Focus on your viewer and forget the rest
Too often, we want to appeal to everyone with one big, great video. Rather, split it up so you can focus on reaching that specific viewer. Video is not the expensive, resource-taxing venture it once was. Cut videos down and make them sharp. Like Keller Williams’ video that appeals to prospective real estate buyers tired of all the hoopla.

2. Choose a format and stick with it
If you can help it, don’t switch gears mid-way through production. Changing the format will cost money, irritate talent and waste valuable time that could be used in post-production. Seems obvious, but often videos try to do too much with different formats and the video ends up being nothing more than a great bounce rate booster. A combo is ok. But be clear. Is it an interview? Documentary? Animated storyteller with interview segments? Whatever it is, stick to it.

3. Get everyone on board
Is your video formal? Humorous? Poignant? Professional? Choose a style and make sure everyone involved–from talent to film crew—gets it. This is perhaps the most challenging step, as it can be hard to convey to creative or film crews or talent. Don’t be afraid to reinforce it. Over and over, if necessary.