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Representing six leading service providers, Timken Power Systems delivers complete drivetrain support from a single trusted source. Whether it’s the manufacturing and maintenance necessary to keep gears turning, motors moving, and bearings spinning, Timken companies have serviced industrial systems for global clients for over 100 years.

Timken Power Systems needed a CG-animated video to communicate the full scope of their industrial drivetrain services, along with the power of their overall brand and offerings.


Timken Power Systems
The challenge

The challenge

In addition to the challenges associated with detailed industrial drivetrain video, Timken needed to accomplish key brand goals:

  1. Demonstrate in full technical detail how Timken supports industrial drivetrains
  2. Raise the brand’s level of professionalism, setting the tone for future higher-end videos

Our solution

FVM delivered a 2-minute video featuring complex 3D animation that fully models and details critical drivetrain components. We started by creating a detailed storyboard, scripted and sourced VO, then worked with a 3D animation partner and Timken technical experts to create both micro- and macro-scale views of critical equipment and facilities.

Blending multiple disciplines across a large number of team members, SMEs, partners, and more, we were able to bring the vision of an exciting, yet accurate, video to life.


This video has brought a new energy to the Timken sales and services team, reinforcing pride in the brand’s unparalleled level of repair and optimization services for mission-critical operations.

Promotional plans to drive video engagement are in the works, which include editing the core video into shorter cuts for online and social application, segmented viewing, and more.

To date, the full video is featured on publisher partner site, and is being shared with customers and prospects via Timken sales reps and engineers. It is averaging about 100 new views per week in a highly niche industrial field.


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