Upgrading a gear manufacturer’s legacy website to work harder

Industrial Gear Manufacturing


After updating their advertising strategy, manufacturer Philadelphia Gear wanted to direct their prospects to a helpful, functional website. But over the years, their existing site had grown oversized. Navigation became difficult. And their solutions — and central story — were getting lost in the mix.

The challenges

Philadelphia Gear’s team had continued creating polished content. But it was hosted in an overwhelming patchwork of landing pages. Circular links and SEO challenges made resources hard to find. And a dated back end made updates difficult for their team. Looking for a full overhaul, Philadelphia Gear turned to FVM.

Philadelphia Gear wireframes and site architecture docs

Our solution

The FVM team reviewed the existing site’s traffic and engagement, identifying content that could be combined, carried over, or eliminated. The result was a simplified sitemap allowing visitors to quickly find what they needed.

We also introduced industry-specific pages with quick-hitting resources for verticals like mining, water management, and power generation. Additionally, our team created a central Knowledge Center to house resources like case studies, brochures, and white papers. Tying it all together, we highlighted Philadelphia Gear’s deep history and industry expertise on every page.

Philadelphia Gear Website Homepage

In total, we delivered the following assets:

  • A new website with industry-focused pages and Knowledge Center
  • An intuitive, WordPress-based CMS for continued updates and edits
  • A responsive layout optimized for desktop, tablet, and mobile
philagear.com Homepage mocked up on a laptop


Thanks to the update, the website’s SEO health score shot up from 58 (“fair”) to 93 (“excellent”). After six months, site traffic is up 33 percent, and the average time spent on site has risen to just over three minutes per user. The Knowledge Center is the third most visited area of the site, bringing Philadelphia Gear’s thought leadership content to more visitors than ever. And with a more accessible back end, the Philadelphia Gear team is equipped to continue improving the site with new content and updates.

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