Delivering 6 million impressions with a strategic brand launch for a GPO heavyweight

Advertising & Campaigns, Content/Sales Enablement


Equipped with a new position and visual identity, Entegra was ready to bring its overhauled brand to market. The international group purchasing organization had no experience using paid media to promote its offerings, so they turned to FVM for help getting the most out of its exciting new identity.

The challenge

Which key decision makers were top priority, and where were the best outlets to reach them? What forms of messaging would resonate most with prospects? And how would the launch effort help meet the organization’s sales lead objectives?

With no previous Entegra paid media experience to draw upon, our team worked closely with their marketing team to build a rollout campaign for high-priority markets — from scratch.

Our solution

Our team started by identifying which of Entegra’s segments were most profitable — senior living and restaurants — as well as hotels and lodging, which showed the most growth potential. We built measurable campaign objectives, measured in awareness and lead generation, for each.

We then created content for targeted decision-makers in three phases of the buying cycle. Our team outlined media tactics by segment, bringing together a mix of lead generation and awareness opportunities. To foster continual prospect engagement, we set up a nine-part automated email nurture campaign within Pardot to funnel individuals along their journeys.

FVM ultimately executed and delivered a comprehensive set of launch tactics:

  • Media spend strategy for converting prospects in three key verticals, plus a general strategy for all markets
  • Campaign plan with recommended content and advertising for engaging key segments
  • Multiple creative launch campaign concepts
  • Creative execution and implementation of a full suite of segment-specific ad tactics:
    • LinkedIn advertising
    • Programmatic video and display banner advertising targeted by job title, activity, and target account status
    • GDN display remarketing ads
    • Advertising and lead generation assets for various publisher programs, including homepage takeovers, content engagement centers, e-blasts, e-newsletter ads, and interactive chat boxes
  • Strategy, copy, and layout for cornerstone lead generation content pieces, including industry reports and white papers
  • Pardot campaign strategy and setup, including email copywriting
  • Paid campaign management and results reporting


Over the course of five months, our strategic rollout delivered over 6,700,000 impressions to prospective buyers across three key markets. We also exceeded our goal of securing 710 leads from the top three segments — for a grand total of 861 valuable leads.

Most importantly, Entegra was able to benefit from an incredibly memorable market reintroduction, positioning them for immediate and continued growth.


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